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About Us

Unitedworld School of Creative Intelligence offers an exciting opportunity for those either currently in the design field or contemplating a career within it. This opportunity allows individuals to either affirm their commitment to their design career or reevaluate their path, providing a platform for growth and exploration in the creative industries. With the support of the Unitedworld School of Creative Intelligence, individuals can delve deeper into their design interests or pivot towards new creative horizons.

Our Programmes

At the Unitedworld School of Creative Intelligence (USCI), we have partnered with Pearson to offer the Higher National Certificate (HNC). This collaboration is designed to meet the diverse needs of our students and ensure meaningful outcomes. Our joint effort is dedicated to empowering students to excel through engaging, blended course materials and customized learning experiences.

Our Fashion & Styling Design Programme is a vocational qualification designed for students seeking to enhance their careers in the fashion…
The Specialization in Interior & Space Design is a vocational qualification tailored for individuals aspiring to become interior designers…
Visual Communication & Interaction Design is an engaging program designed to equip students with the foundational..
Film Making & Editing is a specialized program focused on preparing students for the intricacies of film editing. It equips students with essential skills…
Animation & Gaming Design is a dynamic program crafted to launch students into the exciting worlds of animation and game…

Our Programmes

Short Term : 11 Month

This dynamic two months short course will introduce participants to the many vital aspects …
Discover how to use draping as an experimental, intuitive and playful tool that…
This special effect short course will introduce you to many aspects of …
Fashion & Styling is a dynamic program structured to equip the learners with creativity & skills essential …
Interior design is a complex interplay of elements aimed to create experiences while simultaneously …
The Animation and Game Design is a vibrant program to embark your carrier in animation and gaming Industry…

Film making merges visual and narrative elements to convey stories. …

Visual and Interaction Design is a comprehensive course covering core principles of graphic design, …

What is USCI?

Unitedworld School of Creative Intelligence offers specialized 11-month design courses designed to empower participants to creatively articulate ideas and address societal challenges. These courses are adept at conveying impactful messages and shaping influential narratives across various domains.

USCI features a unique curriculum that caters to a wide range of participants, including students, working professionals and homemakers, providing flexibility and inclusivity in its offerings.

Learning Model

USCI adopts a distinctive educational approach, emphasizing a trifecta of learning strategies: Skilling, Upskilling, and Reskilling. This innovative learning model is designed to cater to the evolving needs of the modern workforce. For example, a participant might start with ‘Skilling’ to acquire foundational design principles, then move to ‘Upskilling’ to master advanced design software, and finally, ‘Reskilling’ to adapt to emerging trends like sustainable design. This comprehensive methodology ensures that learners are not only well-versed in current industry standards but are also prepared to embrace future challenges and opportunities.


Who can enroll?

Design Aspirants
Working professionals in the creative Industry
Learners who have completed "A level" or its Equivalent
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