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Fashion Styling & Media


This dynamic two months short course will introduce participants to the many vital aspects of fashion and media. It will encourage a hands on approach for students to the exciting worlds of PR, photography, catwalks, fashion journalism, styling and make up-artistry, culminating in the creation of an individual editorial and style blog. It is specifically for participants who are interested in celebrity styling, fashion journalism or fashion PR especially in print, digital and social media.

Draping Womenswear Design


Discover how to use draping as an experimental, intuitive and playful tool that will help you come up with fashion ideas. In this concise beginner course, you will get a deep understanding of the principles of draping and how various fabrics can be manipulated by twisting, folding, gathering and layering to produce the most incredible results. You will create collages and sketches of your inspiration and design garments based on your draping designs. This programme introduces participants to the exciting realms of fashion and textiles, covering essential concepts, industry practices, and the dynamic intersection of design and technology. This is a focused course which is crafted for individuals seeking hands-on, practical skills with technical expertise that directly align with industry needs.

Special Effect Make up for Film and Television


This special effect short course will introduce you to many aspects of film and TV make-up designs ranging from HD ready techniques to natural make-up through to period make-up, face painting, ageing make-up and special effects such as cuts, scars and skin disorders. The course will focus on creating believable make-up designs through attention to detail and technique. By the end of the course, the participant will have the ability to convey a different age, health and personality through the use of special effects. The course will also focus on more specialised skills of make-up effects such as how to create a character, realistic and believable trauma make- up for film, including cuts and bruises and burns, as well as how to maintain special effects make up on set for the duration of filming.

Fashion & Styling


Fashion & Styling is a dynamic programme structured to equip the learners with creativity & skills essential for a fast moving and diverse fashion industry. The focus is on hands-on learning. The learners will get significant insights into fashion evolution, fashion trends, fashion terminology, fashion illustration & fashion image styling.

Interior & Space Design


Interior design is a complex interplay of elements aimed at creating experiences while simultaneously fulfilling programmatic requirements. The utilisation and design of spaces undergo a constant transformation, influenced by evolving materials, technologies, and social and economic shifts. This course equips a student to develop essential skills and knowledge to navigate this dynamic field.

Animation & Game Design


Animation and Game Design is a vibrant programme to embark on your career in the animation and gaming Industry. Internationally, there are increasing opportunities in major productions with a wider use of animation skills across products beyond cartoons and animated feature films. From online advertisements to interfaces, games to how-to-videos. Through this programme, students will develop the underlying knowledge and skills that will enable them to begin their journey in the animation industry.

Film Making & Digital Story Telling


Film making merges visual and narrative elements to convey stories. In the digital era, storytelling evolves through technology, allowing diverse perspectives and immersive experiences, shaping a dynamic landscape for cinematic expression.

Visual & Interaction Design


Visual and Interaction Design is a comprehensive course covering the core principles of graphic design, typography, and colour theory. Students gain practical experience through hands-on projects, developing skills in visual communication, layout, composition, and storytelling. User-centered design is emphasized, prioritizing user needs and preferences. UI design elements and integration with software applications are explored.


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