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Our Programmes

We offer comprehensive 11 -month certificate programmes (Certified by Pearsons) designed to elevate the skills and competencies of our participants. This meticulously crafted curriculum combines the advantages of offline courses, ensuring a holistic learning experience. We aim to pioneer a novel educational approach, equipping learners with innovative and disruptive professional skills. This forward-thinking programmes are tailored to empower students to tackle both corporate and societal challenges with unwavering confidence and clear conviction.

Fashion Design & Styling

Our Fashion & Styling Design Programme is a vocational qualification designed for students seeking to enhance their careers in the fashion industry. This Programme offers a thorough understanding of fashion design by merging creative skills with essential industry knowledge. It prepares students for diverse roles within the fashion sector and is recognized for its practical learning approach. Often viewed as a gateway to employment or advanced studies, this Programme equips students with the tools needed for success in the dynamic world of fashion.

Interior & Space Design

The Specialization in Interior & Space Design is a vocational qualification tailored for individuals aspiring to become interior designers. This program integrates creative design principles with practical skills and industry insights, setting students up for professional success in the interior design field. This certificate course in Interior Design provides students with the necessary skills to handle a range of design projects, from residential to commercial, using a strategic and sustainable approach.

Visual Communication and Interaction Design

Visual Communication & Interaction Design is an engaging program designed to equip students with the foundational skills and knowledge required in the fields of visual communication and interaction design. This course focuses on the convergence of graphic design, user experience (UX), and digital media, providing students with a robust understanding of design principles and digital communication strategies. Students will learn to create compelling visual content that effectively communicates and engages across various digital platforms. The program prepares graduates for careers in multimedia design, web development, and interactive media, setting the stage for future specialization and advancement in the rapidly evolving digital design landscape.

Animation & Game Design

Animation & Gaming Design is a dynamic program crafted to launch students into the exciting worlds of animation and game development. This course blends creative storytelling with technical skills, covering key areas such as 3D modeling, character design, game mechanics, and animation techniques. Students will gain hands-on experience using industry-standard software and tools, enabling them to create engaging and interactive digital environments. The program aims to develop not only technical proficiency but also artistic vision, preparing graduates for diverse roles within the animation and gaming industries, from independent projects to major studio productions. This foundation sets the stage for further studies or direct entry into professional practice, where imagination meets innovation.

Film Editing

Film Making & Editing is a specialized program focused on preparing students for the intricacies of film editing. It equips students with essential skills and knowledge to craft compelling narratives and evoke emotions through editing. Through a balanced mix of theory and hands-on experience, students learn about the entire filmmaking process, from pre-production planning to final editing. Key areas of study include advanced editing techniques, sound design, and utilizing industry-standard technology and software. Graduates are equipped to enter the film industry as competent editors, capable of handling projects ranging from independent shorts to commercial features.


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